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You’re probably going to skim over this site in under 60 seconds, this page only requires 30 seconds of your time.

A subject-matter as vast and oftentimes misunderstood as survival or self-reliance is simply too complex to be accurately judged in just a few seconds.

Whether you desire to learn new, practical. information to develop or hone existing skills, or contribute to enable others to improve upon relevant, self-reliance skills; NMD is an ever-growing resource to utilize.

This site is organized into the following categories and pages:


  • Survival Gear: bladed tools/weapons | backpack/hiking | field expedient | clothing | survival kits
  • Survival Skills: firecraft | shelters | water | navigation | health/hygiene | food | climate zones
  • Survival Concepts: survival situations | This category also contains everything else that doesn’t fall into the other main categories.
  • Site News: Contains site news, updates, changes, etc.



  • About: a brief mission statement to provide more info as to what this site is all about.
  • Contact: an efficient and simple way to contact this site.
  • Allies: a list of other subject specific sites to further your knowledge of  survival tactics and self-reliance skills.