The following are additional topic specific resources you can browse to learn more about a particular skill or subject pertaining to survival skills, emergency readiness, disaster preparedness, or self-reliance.

In no particular order: – is a great resource for learning all things food and water storage related. Helpful pictures, HD videos, and clear written how-to articles makes this site a favorite.

Deflation Economy – In the current deflation economy the best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.  Hurry & learn how to survive the Greater Depression!

The Household Cyclopedia of General Information is a great resource that contains thousands of how to and instructional passages pertaining to various self-reliant skill sets of days gone by. Subjects include agriculture, farrier skills, horticulture, weights and measures, metallurgy, and many more.

Survival UK is a survival site biased towards survival in the UK. Be it simply living in a more sustainably manner in our economic climate or living through some natural or political event. They intend to tailor articles to allow everyone to benefit from the information so they can live within their means and supplement their standard of living and also prepare for a potentially worse situation – all while staying within UK law.

Adventures in Self Reliance contains lots of relevant and useful information pertaining to a variety of survival and self-reliant concepts and skills. Be sure and check out the great posts in the Food Storage category!

The Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute is a comprehensive database of self help, self reliance, survival, emergency preparedness, outdoor adventure and Do It Yourself information. This site has thousands of unique articles and resources and has been around (in some form or another…) for over 20 years!

If It Hits The Fan is dedicated to helping families prepare for hard times and thrive during the good times. Your employer has a Continuity of Operations Plan; shouldn’t you?

The Survivalist Blog has one of the most active survival and preparedness communities on the web and contains hundreds of practical articles!