About NoMoreDependence.com

The world has always been an uncertain place for us humans. From the beginning of time we as a species have endured hardships, some caused by nature, others caused by our fellow man. It has been through these hardships that we as a species demonstrated intelligence by adapting, planning, and preparing for more eventual uncertainties and hardships. This is how we have survived as a race and developed into the global collection of communities and nations of the world as we know it today.

We still exercise this trait to an extent today, in ways that may not be immediately associated with survival or self-reliance. It’s more than the stereotype often projected by traditional news sources that average survivor or prepper revolves solely around paranoid individuals with stockpiles of food and hidden caches of guns. It’s a subtle, common sense approach to dealing with the inevitable reality of experiencing more uncertainties and hardships during your time on this planet.

As societies evolve, so do uncertainties and hardships. Advances in medicine, industry, and science have brought about higher standards of living and life expectancy. But despite advances, hardships and uncertainties don’t diminish, they simply change. There are an infinite number of events or scenarios that could happen tomorrow that could change everyday life. Maybe for better, maybe for worse. Or maybe, nothing that dramatic will occur during your lifetime. Whether you found this site seeking new knowledge of skills to increase your self-reliance or simply by chance, we seek to provide accurate, helpful, and free information on all facets of self-reliance and preparedness.

Not through a specific political or ideological lens, but simply by approaching a vast and oftentimes misunderstood subject in an open and to-the-point fashion – regardless of skill level, intensity, background, or any other trait other than a desire to learn methods of becoming less dependent on others.

As mentioned previously, the amount of information pertaining to becoming self-reliant and prepared is staggering. It’s best to approach it gradually and pursue specific niches that you may take a particular interest in.

Feel free to suggest or write about skills that you may have knowledge of and would like to share with others. This site can be translated into 58 languages so someone, somewhere out there may find your input helpful!