Our thoughts on Petzl’s Tactikka Plus Headlamp


Four LED headlamp with 4 lighting modes and red flip filter

In this post, we review a headlamp manufactured by the outdoor and exploration firm Petzl.  Specifically, we’ll be be writing about the Tactikka Plus what we thought of it and details of the actual product if you’re interested in learning more about it.

We recently received the Tactikka Plus headlamp (black) and have been pleased with it’s performance so far.  Our favorite aspect of the headlamp has been the ease the beam of light is able to be adjusted.  This versatility in quickly changing the lighting of the space you’re in is extremely useful for active outdoor activities such as running, cycling, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.

The four LED headlamp has one input button on the top that’s used to manually change between four modes of lighting:

  • Maximum – Brightest setting, most strenuious demand on batteries (3 AAA batteries are included with the headlamp). 
  • Optimum – Second brightest
  • Economic – least bright
  • Strobe – blinking effect

Video Review

Tacktikka PlusClicking the image will take you to the product’s Amazon.com page.

Petzl’s product page for the Tacktikka Plus states:

The TACTIKKA PLUS is designed for users who practice activities such as hunting, fishing or exploring nature on a regular basis. For this purpose, it has three lighting modes and a strobe mode for signaling the user’s location. The lighting mode is selected using the easy-to-use button, adjusting quickly and easily to the situation by favoring either brightness or burn time (up to 150 hours). The red filter ensures discreet lighting and can be used quickly and easily when necessary. Its beam can be easily oriented with one hand, for example when replacing a hook.

  • Discreet lighting preserves night vision:- red filter covers reflector- quickly change between white or red lighting with the flip filter

  • Lighting level can be adjusted to help conserve battery life:- four LEDs produce flood beam lighting with a long burn time- four lighting modes (maximum, optimum, economic and strobe)

  • Compact and lightweight:- single compartment contains LED and batteries- 78 g including batteries

  • Practical:- beam can be easily aimed where needed- comfortable and adjustable elastic headband


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