Survival & Physical Fitness: PT 4


If you haven’t already done so, catch up by reading Survival & Physical Fitness: PT 1, PT 2, & PT 3.

We wanted to wrap up the Survival & Physical Fitness series by providing some additional resources that can help you achieve your goals and become or stay physically fit.

Many of these tools and links we‘ve used and have met many other folks who have also had great success by utilizing advice or techniques found on the following sites.


Stuck using the same boring and repetitive exercises in your routine? Want to learn more about a specific aspect of physical fitness? Check out the following resources for thousands of unique, engaging exercises, nutritional information and much more! Please note that we’re not affiliate with any of the following sites, we’ve just found them to be more helpful than many of the other sites (i.e. sites that consist of a few shoddy articles and a landing page to sell you something…)

  • CrossFit – CrossFit has hundreds of unique exercises that generally require little to no equipment. Exercises are categorized by general category (Combat, gymnastics, running, etc.) and each specific exercise is demonstrated in a short movie clip.
  • ExRx – ExRx stands for Exercise Prescription and offers text and visual information for over 1300 different exercises. Just pick what part of the body you’re trying to work out and the site will provide a list of appropriate suggestions and how to do them. The site itself also contains a plethora of general fitness and nutrition data in a practical and easy to understand manner.
  • – u aware? A huge directory of all things fitness and bodybuilding… The link will take you directly to main directory that contains information on fitness routines, 300+ exercise demonstration videos, and a huge selection of fitness articles.  The site also offers a store (we order some vitamins and protein powder from them, they have amazing customer service) and the unique “Bodyspace” platform that gives you a free resource to track your progress, meet others trying to accomplish similar goals as well as a few other features.
  • LifeClinic – This resource has articles related to specific exercises but its main focus is on nutrition. It also offers another free service similar to the BodySpace concept that allows you to track your fitness, nutritional and general health information if you want to.
  • LiveStrong – One of the more well known fitness and health sites online. This link will take you directly to their tools and calculator page which provides a BMI calculator, Body Fat calculator, Target Heart Rate finder, etc. Feel free to explore the rest of the site as it contains some great information about physical fitness, nutrition, and overall good health.


Remember, in all survival or emergency situations, being physically fit is of paramount importance. Even if you’re not bugging out to some wilderness retreat or some other physically intense activity, being physically fit and healthy will help you deal with any mental or physical stress that a survival situation is sure to bring. We want to reiterate again that we’re not suggesting you start training for the Olympics or anything extreme like that, just commit to become more physically fit. It can help you live longer, be better prepared should a survival situation arise, and generally improve your quality of living.  When you’re in good physical shape, it will be a tremendous advantage that, when coupled with knowledge and some basic equipment, will help you defeat virtually any threat to your survival.

Physical fitness (not to mention nutrition…) is a huge and complex subject matter. We know this series won’t appeal to some (mainly those who refuse to consider that being fit and survival go hand in hand…), but we appreciate honest feedback, especially if it’s negative feedback. Was the series helpful to you in any way?

Too basic or not detailed enough?

Regardless of positive or negative feedback, we’d love to hear from you so please contact us now!

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