Ignorance is Bliss?


Ever heard the phrase ignorance is bliss? We were thinking about this phrase the other day and it struck us how relevant it is to those outside the survival and preparedness community. The individuals who either don’t believe or simply don’t think or care about a possible disaster ever having any impact on their lives. It’s ironic because those with the least worries or foresight about preparing for an eventual calamity are most likely the ones who will be hardest hit when it happens.

Global uncertainty has never been higher. We read the news daily, taking in articles from various global news outlets to stay up-to-date and try and gauge where the worlds at. The daily headlines that at one time not too long ago would’ve shocked and angered the public into taking collective action now are the status quo.

Just take a look at some recent headlines and you’ll quickly realize just how fragile this global system of economies and cultures are. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have an agenda for or against globalization or nationalism, we’re simply attempting to paint a picture of just how uncertain the state of our world is…

11 Cops Shot & Killed in 24 Hour Span

Global Fears Mount Over Skyrocketing Food Prices

Water Wars Looming?

“New reality of the World” Drives World Leaders to Global Governance Strategy

Cheap Oil a Thing of the Past

We could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point. Continued uncertainty around the globe and lower standards of living for 99% of the world’s population seem to be the only certain thing in the world today.

All of this uncertainty can easily drive people away from wanting to be prepared. It can create powerful emotions such as fear and anxiety about what’s to come. Instead of calmly arriving at the logical conclusion that these events are ultimately outside the control or an individual, they become overwhelmed and simply give up on being prepared. Even members of the prepping community are at times guilty of this. They allow emotions to cloud their prudent sense of judgment of preparedness and either go all out, wasting time, energy, and resources on unnecessary gear and guns or they simply stop preparing altogether, instead adopting a defeatist attitude.

Now don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having these emotions or thoughts. You’d be crazy not to, given how mad the world has seemingly become. Add a 24/7 news cycle and an over-saturation of sensationalist advertisements screaming about the end of the world and you’ve got a perfect recipe for losing perspective.

Instead, it’s how an individual chooses to deal with these emotions that’s so important. To us, being prepared isn’t about the end of the world; it’s much more practical than that. It’s about seeing through the haze of disinformation and agendas and simply taking practical steps to ensure that you and your family have the resources and knowledge to deal with uncertainty when it impacts your life.

In our opinion, trying to predict exactly how events will unfold over time is a waste of time. That time spent worrying about what could go bad, could instead be spent pondering how you can be prepared if something were to happen. Start by taking practical steps like stocking up on food and water or having a plan should disaster strike your community. These things are practical, tangible goals you could focus on instead of buying into the doom and gloom that’s so prevalent. Sure, things are bad, and yes, things will continue to get worse. But unless you’re a world leader, these things are outside your control, so why stress over them?

You can deal with this stress in a number of ways. If you’re like us and read a lot of news, set aside one day every other week to not read any news. If you’re having trouble with sticking to your schedule, try free software that lets you input times your computer will lock you out. If you’re having trouble finding software like this, simply type regulate time spent on computer in any search engine and you’ll have several options to choose from.

Exercise is another great way to keep stress under control and remained focused. We strongly believe fitness is another form of preparedness, after all, what good are your plans if you’re morbidly obese or have some ailment that prevents you from carrying them out.

Spend time with friends and family, read a book, learn how to cook a meal, whatever floats your boat. The message is to take time and unplug from all the unpleasant realities from time to time. Many of our prepping ideas have come from taking a break from it all and then returning to the drawing board with a fresh mind. Try it sometime and see for yourself. For those of you who don’t struggle with this or simply try to repress your emotions, consider contacting us and letting us know how you deal with stress. Someone else may find your suggestion helpful!

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