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We at have been using the Brunton Raptor foldable canister stove for some time now and thought it was a good time to create a review of this product. If you’ve never owned a canister stove before, its a handy piece of gear to keep in a survival kit, or to simply have with you on your next adventure in the great outdoors.

Canister stoves come in many shapes and sizes but all make use of a fuel canister connected to the stove, generally by screwing on, to provide the fuel needed to heat your food or boil water. A good canister stove should be compact, lightweight, and be able to properly function under adverse weather conditions. Price, availability and cost of the fuel canister, and size of cookware supported are additional points to consider if you’re in the market for a canister stove.

On to the actual review…

The Raptor is definitely a great piece of gear that should satisfy the vast majority of individuals. It’s rugged, compact and has yet to fail or otherwise disappoint us. Here are the specs of the Raptor Stove:

Fuel: The Raptor uses Isobutane canisters as the fuel source. You can purchase either the Brunton brand or any of the many options currently available.

Size: The Raptor is 1.7″x1.5″x2.5″ when the stove is folded up.

Weight: The Raptor stove without the fuel canister weighs just 5 oz. You can purchase various sizes of fuel canisters with most common sizes being either 4 oz. or 8 oz. If minimizing weight is important to you, (which it should be…), remember to include the additional weight of the fuel canister/s in addition to the actual weight of the Raptor stove.

The stove itself is constructed of solid stainless steel. It has a quality feel to it and has certainly withstood multiple, multi-day outings in cold, rainy climate zones. We’ve yet to clean the stove and it’s never failed to ignite. There’s 3 collapsible “wings” that when deployed, form the foundation for you to place your cookware on. The wings have a good range and are able to accommodate both large and small cookware. This is especially useful if you’re boiling water or heating meals for multiple people. Each wing has notches to help stabilize the cookware on top of it which is a must have feature when cooking on uneven surfaces (i.e., nature). The stove utilizes the industry standard push-button piezo-ignition system. All you have to do is press the push-button and the stove will spring to life. It’s important to note that the piezo-ignition function is not recommended for elevations > 8,000 ft. The stove will still function at greater altitudes, but the piezo-ignition feature can potentially become unreliable at these altitudes. We’ve not had the opportunity to test the igniter under these conditions. If the igniter does fail for whatever reason, the stove can still be easily lit with a match or lighter (hopefully you already have these items in your kit anyways).

Raptor Stove - Wings Folded

Brunton (the manufacturer of this product) advertises a 1.5 hour burn time using an 8 oz. fuel canister on maximum intensity. We found this statement to be accurate by using a Brunton 8 oz. fuel canister and seeing how long it took on maximum intensity to burn itself out. At 1 hour 23 minutes, the canister was fully depleted. Keep in mind, the burn time is assuming the stove is set at maximum intensity. There’s a small lever on the Raptor you can use to adjust the intensity of the flame. This is helpful feature as you can use it to either simmer whatever you’re cooking if need be, or crank it up to boil water in as little as 4 minutes (another number advertised by the manufacturer, we’ve also verified this out in the field). Keep in mind that boiling time can be impacted by a variety of external variables such as the type of fuel you’re using, climate, altitude, temperature, etc.

The stove itself is generally sold without any fuel canisters and comes with a nylon case with drawstring. Overall, we recommend this product and are thoroughly satisfied with its performance and value. The stove can generally be purchased for $30-$50 depending on where you get it, shipping costs, etc.

Raptor Stove In Bag



  • This stove is a good value compared to other similar folding camp stoves available in the market.
  • To us, the weight and size dimensions are ideal, it’s one of the smaller stoves currently available and the weight of the fuel can be controlled by careful planning and efficient use of cooking time.
  • Durability is perhaps one of the most important features we looked at. After all, what good is a product (even an inexpensive one), if it fails to function when it’s needed most. We experienced no issues with our Raptor.
  • The included nylon bag was a small plus for us, it’s important to keep your gear organized, especially on longer adventures and having a bag made to stow the stove in was useful.
  • This stove can use non-Brunton branded fuel canisters which is a big plus. This ensures that even if Brunton were to ever go out of business or stop providing support for their product, we could still get our hands on inexpensive and readily available fuel canisters.
  • 1 year warranty, this is always a plus.


  • In our opinion, the cons were fairly minor and to some, these might even be non-issues. The wings did require a cool down period after the stove was shut off before they could be collapsed again. On average, it generally took 2-3 minutes to allow the wings to cool enough before they could be handled. In the winter season, this wasn’t a problem as the weather was cold enough to expedite the cool down of the wings.
  • It does take field experience to get the feel for properly distributing the load of the cookware. The first couple of times we used this product, water and food was spilt as the cookware sat unevenly. Eventually though, we developed a feel for the stove and haven’t had any problems since.

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