And Now for Something Completely Different

We’re going to take a break from the usual instructional or informational article today and instead switch things up a bit by briefly reviewing a site listed on our Allies page. Just a short disclosure before continuing, we have no monetary interest in or any of its affiliates. We’re writing this expose for two reasons. First, we have them listed under our Allies page for a reason, we feel The Survivalist Blog is a free online, comprehensive resource that contains thousands of useful posts related to survival and preparedness. Second, they’re currently running a blog review contest to win a free custom knife! In all fairness though, they were listed on our Allies page prior to the contest…

On to the review! This review is structured by listing attributes that make The Survivalist Blog a great resource, and also areas of opportunity. At the end we’ll present a brief summary as to why we like The Survivalist Blog enough to consider them an Ally of No More Dependence.

First things first, our favorite thing about The Survivalist Blog is its active community that regularly post insightful comments about various survival and preparedness tips and tactics. If a blog has no reader, is it still a blog? We propose that it’s not. The Survivalist Blog has been around since 2007 and if you look at the archives, it’s amazing to see how the blog went from a new start up to a blog that can easily have 50 worthwhile comments in an average post. That communal aspect of learning from others is something no advertising budget could buy and extremely valuable to a reader seeking new knowledge.

Also, unlike some of the other top ranked survival related sites, The Survivalist Blog is very active, averaging a new, unique post generally every day. In fact, there’s over 1,500 posts buried in those archives to read up on. These posts are down to earth and written in such a way that someone completely unaware of anything survival related could easily pick up on. Because of the sheer volume of content, there’s literally a little of something for everyone. The site is laid out in a way that’s easy to navigate and is engaging to the reader.

Alright, so those are some of the most prominent attributes of The Survivalist Blog that we like. There aren’t to many areas we think could use improvement. Our top two turn-offs of the site are pretty simple. There’s numerous spelling and grammatical typos scattered about the site. Don’t get us wrong, these errors don’t interfere with understanding what M.D. Creekmore is communicating to his readers, it’s just a pet peeve of ours. If you look through articles and ever notice a spelling or grammatical mistake, do us and everyone else a favor and let us know

Our second point is really just a personal preference and not any blatant error or mistake. We enjoy thorough articles that teach or provide information on a tool or skill. The majority of The Survivalist Blog’s articles fit that description, but some are designed in a way that provides little value to frequent readers of the site. For example, 250 word posts linking to another site and calling it a post isn’t something we like to read…

But, when you’re blog attracts almost 50,000 unique visitors a week, you’ve got to be doing something right… So that’s our two cents, go check it out for yourself.

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We’re proud to call The Survivalist Blog an Ally. There’s a lot you can learn at that site and if you have spare time and like learning new things, check it out sometime.

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