The Kelly Kettle


The following post is about a great piece of gear to have commonly known as the Kelly Kettle. For simplicity, this post will generally refer to this tool as the Kelly Kettle although there are many different brands for this specific item. If you’re interested in purchasing one, look around and decide which brand you want to go with depending on your specific needs.

The Kelly Kettle is an innovative and reliable device that can be used as a portable kettle to boil water. There are several trade names it’s sold under multiple trade names such as Storm Kettle, Volcano Kettle, Thermette, etc. Whatever brand or style you choose; it’s a practical and valuable tool to have in any type of survival kit. The Kelly Kettle uses are relevant in virtually any survival situation as well as in camping, backpacking, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

Its appeal comes from it’s innovate design that keeps the kettle functioning under even the most adverse weather conditions. This time tested device was originally designed in Ireland by the Kelly Kettle Company in the early 1900’s and was used by many Irish fisherman as a portable method of boiling water in the often harsh, wet, climate they often worked in.

Generally, the kettles are constructed with a heat-conductive type of metal, such as aluminum or stainless steel. Another appealing quality these kettle’s offer is the flexibility of fuel sources. Anything from twigs and small sticks to grass, paper, commercial accelerants, dried dung, or just about any other combustible source can be used to fuel the kettle. The base of the kettle is generally removable (depends on the brand) and sets below the main body section. The base holds the fuel and houses the fire while it burns. Additional fuel can be added to the fire without removing the kettle by dropping it down the chimney. This is a great safety feature as it makes it easy to maintain the fire without having as much direct exposure to it.

The basic design of the internal chimney to create an efficient upward stream of heat is central to most manufacturers of this survival product. Water capacities vary by manufacturers with most ranging from 2–6 cups.

Many of these products feature a removable base which can be used to store other accessories, fuel, or pretty much anything else that’s desired. Some companies offer a specially designed cook sets that can be stored within the chimney during transport. These cooking accessories allow for a small cooking pot to be placed on top of the chimney, or a grill to be put over the base without using the main water chimney component. Further add-ons can turn the chimney into a small cooking range, with the cooking containers and utensils also being packed into the chimney space or in the base. These cook sets are a great way to get even more use out of the kettle. Finally, a cork or metal stopper are generally used for the water container, please note, the cork and stoppers should not be used while the water is being heated.


The Kelly Kettle is a rugged piece of gear that any prepared individual should have in his/her readiness kit. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, backpacking, etc., this tool can make your next outing much more enjoyable and save time and frustration anytime boiling water is needed (or cooking). Remember that there’s multiple manufacturers offering this item so if you’re interested in buying one, look around and pick the one that best suits your needs. Various options for this tool include water capacity, transporting options (removable base vs. fixed, etc.), and cooking accessories.

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